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Apr. 4th, 2009

gordonmessmer and I managed to remember to take pictures of the crank before we re-installed it. It's not much different, just a bit cleaner. It's most noticeable on the rods:

Yesterday I took the cylinders into a local shop, but they don't do the kind of blasting I need, nor the painting. Instead they referred me to a one of their sister companies that does. I'll have to find time to get out there during business hours. Maybe one morning next week.

Last night I packed up the final drive to ship out for a bearing replacement and re-shimming. I dropped it off at the post office after work today. Hopefully it won't be gone long.

I also mostly closed up the bottom end last night. I've still got to pound the oil pan back into shape but otherwise it's all back together. It looks like this again:

Next up for tearing apart is the transmission. I'm also going to have the heads cleaned up and reworked, but that's not something that I can do myself. I'm hoping to talk to an expert about it this weekend.


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Apr. 4th, 2009 11:12 am (UTC)
may I suggest
when you're changing the break-in oil to get rid of wear products, I suggest adding molybdenum disulphide with that second oil. The pressure between hard-wearing parts causes it to plate those surfaces with molybdenum and you'll notice the engine quiet down and run with less friction. It will also give better fuel mileage because it acts as a good lubricant in the high pressure contact surfaces. You only have to add it once. You can probably find it via some motorcycle shops or high performance machine shops.

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