Unrepentant Geek (matthew) wrote,
Unrepentant Geek

Haven't done a whole lot this weekend. At the moment the primary internet connection to home is down and I just finished fixing the secondary that I broke the other day. Turns out that I have 4 connections available to me from home, each of varying reliability and speed. I just wish I could make them automatically failover or something.

Today I did manage to get down to the garage to do the valve adjustment and throttle body sync on the Rockster. It's amazing how much that can effect how the bike runs. The valves were pretty close, only had to adjust the exhaust on both sides. The throttle bodies were way out (1/2 turn or more) and was probably the reason the milage had dropped of late.

In amusing bird related news, while tinkering with the internet connection I heard Niko call out from downstairs... only he sounded a good bit too clear to be that far away. Careful exploration found him at the top of the curtains at the bottom of the stairs. A good 8 feet from the ground. He's sitting on the top of the laptop now, he earned it!
Tags: birds, computers, motorcycles

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