Unrepentant Geek (matthew) wrote,
Unrepentant Geek

* Did yoga tonight, had to rest more than I'm used to. Stood up too quick once and had to sit back down to watch the pretty stars.

* Lost .2lbs last week, .8 this week. It's not bad progress, I just hate being hungry. I have to be down 3 points per day from the recommended in order to lose anything. On the up side when I went over the recommended for maintaining my weight I didn't really gain so I seem to have some sort of fat-inertia thing working for (and against) me.

* Started taking the R50's engine apart again. I removed all of the bits that don't require heat to remove. It's back to about this point now. I have to find time to heat the whole thing in the oven to get the rest apart.

* Work is going well. Lots of exciting stuff to learn and do. The coming year looks to be full of excitement.

* Never posted about this before, but I love my new Android phone. It's not any bigger than my previous Nokia (though it looks like it is til you hold them up next to one another) and it does so much more. Getting the phone also meant looking closer at the phone bill and finding that we had something on the order of 14k rollover minutes. A quick tweak and I have unlimited Edge data and we pay 1/2 as much a month.

* I had a skinny cow but I ated it.
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