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Thanksgiving was pretty good. We went down to my parent's house and had dinner with them and my brother and his family. Jack is getting big and is still as cute as a button. Friday we went over to Julie's parent's house for dinner and they had a smoked turkey. It was amazing. I've found a new food to love. It was like a turkey that had been made of ham. I'm definitely going to try smoking my own one day.

I made fudge earlier this week. The first batch turned out ok, but the second was better. The only difference was how I handled the temperature control. I let the first batch cool down too much before stirring which resulted in the need for a lot of upper body strength to actually stir the stuff. Both batches were fun to make.

I finally ordered the parts for the R50 last week. New bearings, seals and gaskets all round. I also included a new rear main bearing holder since mine was borderline and it's the single hardest part to replace in the entire bike so I might as well do it now. Next weekend should see the bottom end going back together. Then I need to figure out what to do with the top end.
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