Unrepentant Geek (matthew) wrote,
Unrepentant Geek

Today gordonmessmer and I were going to go for a ride. I got the R50 out and started it up in preparation for tuning the carbs. I wanted to run the fuel in the carbs out so I could check the float levels but after the bike died it wouldn't start again. After a bit of phone troubleshooting with my dad we determined that I'd probably flooded it. Since I didn't have the right size plug socket I called up Gordon and we headed to the auto parts store. Socket in hand we removed the plugs and found them to be indeed wet. Dried them off, cleared the cylinders... still nothing. Back on the phone with my dad we checked the spark on both sides and found that one of the spark plugs had died. A quick trip to the parts store got us two new plugs. Put them in, checked everything in the right position and the bike started up on the first kick. I quickly tuned the carbs per the manual's directions and we were ready to roll.

So we headed out with our original plan in mind. Our goal: cupcakes. We rode over to Cupcake Royale. I've not been there before. The cupcakes were ok, don't know if they qualify for "Royale" status. Afterwards I grabbed a couple for crankygirlie and we headed out. And the bike wouldn't start. No joke. Gordon and I stared at one another for a while thinking "huh." I tried a few more times and eventually it fired up. Note to self: maintain a backup strategy for getting home.

We got back to my place to find that the cupcakes had not survived the trip very well. Gordon's Harley apparently vibrates at the resonant frequency of buttercream frosting causing massive cupcake carnage. All in all however it was a successful day. There was male bonding over mechanical problem solving, motorcycle riding and cupcakes. That's an enjoyable use of free time to be sure.
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