Unrepentant Geek (matthew) wrote,
Unrepentant Geek

A productive weekend

Saturday gordonmessmer and I rode over to Seattle Cycle Center where I broke down and purchased a Bluetooth headset for my helmet. I'm pretty pleased with the unit and glad that I waited til now to buy. I can connect up to 3 bluetooth devices including phone, audio (ipod) and a radio or intercom. They'll even work unit to unit directly. After that we stopped by the mall and had some oh-so-bad-for-my-diet orange chicken and did a bit of shopping.

We then retired to my place and got to work on my av switch project again. Working on it recently I realized that my problem all along was a lack of pull-down resistors on the address lines (RB2 and RB3) and once I installed those things really started to work. We did some brain melting bit math an shortly were able to reliably interpret button presses. It felt really good to get that working. After about an hour of re-re-wiring the AV cabinet I have reached my goal of simple yet effective AV switching.

Sunday I went shopping to pick up the essentials (and non-essentials) that only costco can provide. A short trip to Freddy's rounded off the expidition. I then set about making up new button lables for the AV Switch. The unit has interchangable button covers for different systems but it's a bit old so there's no Wii button nor did I have proper buttons for some of the older systems either. I popped open the buttons and sanded off the old labels and printed new ones to pop in there. In addition to having proper labels now they are also in the corrent font for each system. I'm contemplating replacing the green LEDs that backlight the labels with white ones but before I do that I need to find a good way to print full color transparencies that stand up to being backlit like that. For now the green will do.

Now to get to bed. Tomorrow is our first day in the new office :)

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