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I put on my zoot suit tonight and went out swing dancing at The Russian Center up on Capital Hill. It was fun. I walked through the door and the young lady at the counter said 'Hey hot stuff!'

I've never been called 'Hot stuff' by a complete stranger before. w00t! :)

I was a bit nervous, since I've not danced in about 4 years now. I hung out on the edges til I saw someone that I knew from way back, and she helped me get back into things. After that, I felt much more relaxed. I still have the rythm, and a few moves, but I've forgotten so much. Oh well. By the end of the night I'd danced with 5-6 partners, all of whom were simply great follow's. I need to learn back the moves that I've lost, I just need to try them out a little bit and it'll all come back I'm sure.

Oh yah, and I was about the only person dressed up. Everyone else was in jeans or shorts (!?!?!) with a few people in slacks. I was totally overdressed, but it was worth it.

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