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3 wheeling it: part 2

I passed! Woo!

So I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and rode down to Kent. We all managed to get there by 7:30 so we started early. The lady who needed a re-take of the test was there even earlier and passed the written so she got to keep going along with us. Everyone was very friendly and supportive in this class so there was some cheering and clapping on that news.

Today started out where we left off yesterday with more right turns without ballast. This time though we were applying the front breaks while revving the engine while leaning (practically sitting on the side car) to the right. In second gear. I was surprised by how fast we could corner that way.

We also did emergency stops, both straight and in a corner. One of the instructors demonstrated an uncontrolled emergency stop on a sidecar rig. The bike turned 90 degrees to the left with both front and rear bike tires kicking up a cloud of smoke. It was pretty impressive. I had some trouble with the emergency stop on the right hand turn, as I was leaned way over to the right when i hit the brakes I got lifted up and ended up leaning over the handlebars. It must have been funny to watch because the instructor had a pretty good laugh at that.

Those of us on the sidecar rigs had two extra exercises. The first was driving in a tight right circle in order to fly the side car. After driving around in a circle with the car in the air we moved on to the last exercise which was to fly the car on a right turn and then drive in a (mostly) straight line. It was surprisingly easy and a whole lot of fun. It did feel pretty strange to be hanging off the side of the bike like that though.

Then we took the test. It was just 4 exercises. A slalom, a right hand curve, a controlled stop and a swerve. In the end we all passed. No one aced the test, but we didn't care. It was nice to see everyone make it. Now I just need to go to the DMV and get my license updated.

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