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How did I get myself into this...

Some time ago, we got my wife a really nice looking Canon N1240U scanner for her Powerbook. The real beauty of this scanner is that it's bus powered, so you don't need to lug around a power brick when you want to take it somewhere. It's also much smaller than most other scanners.

When we first got the scanner, the only drivers for it were for OS 9, so back to Classic we went whenever any scanning needed to be done. OS X drivers were promised though, so it wasn't so bad.

OS X drivers arrived quite some time ago, and I vaguely remember my wife complaining about their installation... let some time pass til I wanted to scan something.

I simply could not believe how poorly put together the drivers for this super simple scanner were. First, you have to download two files. Uncompress them, they are both installers. Ok, no biggie. Run the first, it installs an installer (wtf?) which I then run. It installs some files somewhere on my hard drive, I have no idea where. At this point, I still can't scan. So I run the second installer which installs yet another installer. This one runs and gives me some sort of scanning program that looks like it was written for someone's high school programming project back in 97.

Ok, so it looks pretty bad, at least I can scan. I go about my business. Some time later, I'm looking at my system logs, and they are full of entries from some process looking for a USB device. A bit of investigation revealed that the installers added a couple of apps to my login items, one of which adds a entry to my system logs once every second.

It was at this point that I decided to do something that I never thought that I would. I decided to try to write a driver for the scanner.

So, now I'm looking for info on how to go about it. I've got some stuff here, I'll post more about it later.


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