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Friday night we went to dinner with my family to celebrate my Dad's birthday. We parked at Pacific Place. On the way in, while spiraling into the depths of the parking garage we passed a family walking from their car. I have to point out here that we drive a Toyota Prius. It's a hybrid gas-electric car. When coasting, the engine is off, and therefore the car is damn near silent except for a high pitched whine that only Prius owners seem to be able to hear. So back to this family. As we approached, the teenaged son was wandering away from his group and kind of into traffic. Just as we reached them, he decided that it would be a good idea to jump up and try to hit one of the girders on the ceiling. Had he completed the jump, he would have landed smack in front of the car just as we reached him. Fortunately I say him crouch and beeped the horn before he could make his leap. The entire family jumped at the sound, spinning around. The look on his face still makes me smile. :)

Dinner was good, my brother is a complete goof, but he means well. He graduates from Cornish this year.

Today we looked at houses. We're going to get a house with two of Julie's coworkers, the rent split 4 ways will be nice and low, and we'll be able to have a yard, and all the other nice things that go with a house.

On the way to look at the first house some guy in an SUV tried to accelerate to change lanes in front of us to go around a bus. Too bad it was the middle of an intersection, and he didn't have enough room. He pulled right to avoid hitting us, but did hit the honda behind the bus creating a neat splashing effect with it's taillights. I gave them both my number.

The first house we looked at was nice, but kinda weird, and kinda ugly. One side of it is yellow and the front is brick, not a good combo. Someone painted the walkway and steps yellow, and put black bear paw prints up the steps and walkway leading to the door. There is an little concrete bear on the porch. Strangeness. Inside was pretty nice though, the downstairs is pretty normal though the kitchen is a bit bright. Someone really liked sailing though as there is a barometer/windspeed/direction panel next to the front door and the upstairs has wood paneling on the walls and ceiling. Makes you feel like you are in a boat.

We decided that we didn't really like that one.

The second house is a winner though. It's small, but cute, in a good neighborhood, and close to Julie's work (and thus the other two housemates) It's split into two spaces with the lower floor setup as a mother-in-law apt. Not much else to say about it. It's off the main streets and very well taken care of. We're going back to look at it again tomorrow sometime.

Now I'm home, Julie is out with a friend so I'm kicking back playing video games and whatnot. Should go to bed and get some sleep.

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