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My brother is now married. The wedding was awesome, and I got to r^Htoast him (I was the best man)

crankygirlie and I picked up some Wendy's and then my brother Andrew at around 3. We were the first to the church. People started showing up and things got rolling. The ceremony went off well. The flower girl's mother did a reading and the flower girl decided to follow her so that was some good comic relief. The tuxes were pretty warm and on top of that it wasn't all that breezy in the chapel so we were really toasty up there. Walking back down the isle to the fresh air outside was a welcome relief. Andrew and Erin were taken from the wedding to the reception in a white Rolls Royce. We took off shortly thereafter. The reception was held at the Lake Union Cafe. We had a great dinner and plenty to drink. The mixed drink was a lemon drop, with lots of beer and wine available too. We had a great buffet style dinner and the cake was very good. Then came the toast. I gave mine first, telling Erin that she was Brave, understanding, and very sweet. I told Andrew that he was lucky ;) One of the bridesmaids recited a shakespearian poem from memory which got everyone choked up. Erin's dad read a prepared speech which included some very amusing rules for life from the perspective of a farmer ("A bumblebee can always outrun a John Deere tractor." etc) Then my dad came up and talked a bit and toasted Erin's parents too, which was very nice.

Then all the dancing and general partying started. crankygirlie and I managed to fit in a swing dance and got quite a few compliments on it. We really need to get back into that. Quite a while later it was time for the couple to leave. We had sparklers to see them off, it was rather smokey. Then we packed up their stuff and headed home. We ended up with all the presents in our car. Since we didn't want to leave them out in the car I pushed my bike out and we stacked them nicely in the garage. Just imagine, 12:30 in the morning, me on a motorcycle in a tux. :D

Maybe I'll write more later, right now I need to take a shower and then pass out.

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