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Posting from SFO airport

I got up a bit before noon, packed my things and headed out into the world. I checked my bags in at the hotel desk so I could roam the city freely. I had some thai food for an early lunch (not such a great idea on an empty stomach.) Nothing really to do in the area that I was staying other than shop so I did some window shopping and picked up a couple of items at the drug store. I also bought a game and PS2 DVD controller at EB. :D

I got kinda bored so I decided to get to the airport early. I could at least sit in a corner and read if nothing else. So I made my way back to the hotel and collected my bags. I bought more stuff from Lush than would fit into my already full backpack so they very thoughtfully packed into a single box to make it easier for me to transport home. So I made myself a handle for it with some transparent duct tape that I picked up earlier at the drug store. I have to say that's some cool stuff. Not only is it clear, but it's a lot easier to work with than the silver stuff.

So I set off for the airport at a leisurely pace. When checking in I was offered an earlier flight, so I'm now on standby for that flight. The computer decided that I was special today and tagged me for additional screening. It wasn't too bad, only delayed me a few minutes, and the people were both friendly and professional.

Now I'm at the gate and I've got another hour before the plane takes off, I figured that I'd make a post at a blazing 9600 baud.


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Jul. 10th, 2005 01:31 am (UTC)
I'm glad you got the webbernet working. does it require the full userid, after all?

I'm bushed, I'm really cleaning this place like crazy. I didn't eat when I told you I was going to eat and I feel stupid for it. Also, my hands smell like rubber gloves. or something does. Maybe I better check the dryer. Nope, all is well, it was just my hands or something. But we have clean bathmats now. They're still a little damp but I took them out anyway. I'm washing the tablecloth now. I WAS going to wash your damn bean bag chair but they didn't stop to consider how much of a pain in the ass it would be to have to remove all the fucking beans from the bag before washing it. It needs to be washed SO BAD. It's really nasty. I put it upstairs.

I hope you don't mind it's missing a few beans but I got real tired of trying to round them up and somehow get them back into the damn bag. haha.

why am I leaving all this in a comment.
nevermind, I'm already rolling, I may as well continue.
your dad messaged me on ichat to say he didn't understand my AIM ID of "onlylaren". heh. and then to say he talked to you on the phone as you were getting on the plane.

la la la I guess I will try to hurry up with my stuff.

Oh here's some more stream of consciousness stuff:

we need:
another shoe rack - I think I want one for that spot where you were stacking up boxes. it seems like a good place.
more paper towels
various foods of various ilks
to get rid of the box of Various Crap in the kitchen
and way big one: Bite The Bullet, Figure Out The Cabinet Thing In The Living Room And Do It Once And For All.


Can't stand it anymore.


mmmk I think I feel good enough now to finish my vacuuming.

hoooray for meeee
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