Unrepentant Geek (matthew) wrote,
Unrepentant Geek

Posting from SFO airport

I got up a bit before noon, packed my things and headed out into the world. I checked my bags in at the hotel desk so I could roam the city freely. I had some thai food for an early lunch (not such a great idea on an empty stomach.) Nothing really to do in the area that I was staying other than shop so I did some window shopping and picked up a couple of items at the drug store. I also bought a game and PS2 DVD controller at EB. :D

I got kinda bored so I decided to get to the airport early. I could at least sit in a corner and read if nothing else. So I made my way back to the hotel and collected my bags. I bought more stuff from Lush than would fit into my already full backpack so they very thoughtfully packed into a single box to make it easier for me to transport home. So I made myself a handle for it with some transparent duct tape that I picked up earlier at the drug store. I have to say that's some cool stuff. Not only is it clear, but it's a lot easier to work with than the silver stuff.

So I set off for the airport at a leisurely pace. When checking in I was offered an earlier flight, so I'm now on standby for that flight. The computer decided that I was special today and tagged me for additional screening. It wasn't too bad, only delayed me a few minutes, and the people were both friendly and professional.

Now I'm at the gate and I've got another hour before the plane takes off, I figured that I'd make a post at a blazing 9600 baud.
Tags: airport, san francisco, shopping, tsa

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