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Today was another long one. After dragging myself out of bed I got into work just in time for a meeting. After getting a very small amount of work done I was whisked off to lunch with the whole LJ crew at 21st Amendment. Totally delicious. Then dorkmatt and I toured 365 Main. After that I got to sit down and work for another few minutes before it was time to leave.

I headed back to my hotel room to drop off my laptop and such and then jumped on the BART and over to Berkeley to meet up with mooflyfoof. We had thai food and she introduced me to some tasty hard cider. mooflyfoof, the cider, and myself got along very well :)

Then I rode BART back here to the hotel and posted this. Now I think I need to pass out.
Tags: bart, booze, colo, lunch, san francisco, thai, work

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