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nice weekend

Saturday was busy busy busy. I got up with Julie and took her to work. I then headed up to Northgate to do some shopping. I picked up a couple of those micro radio controlled cars, only these are modeled on Mario Kart carts. I have mario and yoshi now. They're fun.

I also picked up a used copy of Ikaruga for the gamecube. I'd heard that it was difficult, but wow. yah it's hard, but fun at the same time. I can see someone becoming insanely good at the game with practice. I also got Wario Ware Inc. for the GBA. It's strange. Very very strange. Basically, it's about 100 mini games thrown at you one after the other with no instructions. The games themselves are at most 3 seconds long. Most of the time you just have to hit the button at the right time. Odd, but strangely addicting.

After that I went to Julie's parent's house to fix their firewall so I could get into it remotely (whoops) and then headed off for Capital Hill where I worked on a client's numerous Macs. He asked if I was hungry, and when I said yah, he asked if a steak would be ok. A steak? (Now, I'm not afraid of the whole mad cow thing, I think that statistically my chances are pretty good, that didn't even cross my mind) I recovered from the surprise well enough to say that yes, that would be great. What he served me was about a 14 ounce sirloin (at least) with potatoes. I've not eaten that heartily since I don't know when. It was awesome. After that, one of his friends needed help, so I went over to his place and got his linksys wireless AP online and made everything happy.

Then I hit the bookstore and picked up Julie from work. It was a pretty fun day.

Today I cleaned up a bit and was generally lazy. :)

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