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I got up Saturday morning and helped crankygirlie get ready for her day by picking up the groceries that she needed to make lunch. After she left on her adventures I headed out on my bike to the fabric store to try to find a replacement zipper for one of my motorcycle boots. unfortunately they didn't have the kind of selection of zippers that I was hoping for. I'll have to contact the manufacturer for a replacement I guess. I then stopped in at Wendy's for a quick bite of lunch and headed down to ibexris and mimsy's house and helped ibexris, his dad and xsorin in putting together a gate for the side of the house. Amazingly even with the 4 of us working on it together we managed to not screw it up! Carpentry by committee is a dangerous thing :)

After that ibexris and mimsy and I headed out to the tasty place for indian food. We got there just as the kitchen was closing so they took our orders at the door and then seated us. The food showed up in record time :) After that we stopped in at Whole Foods and picked up a few things. Then we went back to my place and played Katamari Damancy til about 2am. mimsy and I passed the controller back and forth beating the last few levels (damned cows!) until we put the moon back in the sky. After they left I sat and played a couple more games. Not a very good idea. I didn't realize how late it was. Got to bed at about 4am :P
Tags: food, friends, groceries, katamari damancy, motorcycles, woodworking, zippers

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