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I started the day off early hooking up with gordonmessmer to cruise down to Red Label Moto to drop his bike off for service. We chatted with the owner for a while and then headed over to University Honda/Kawasaki. I sat on a Valkyrie Rune. That's a big bike let me tell you. After that I went home and crankygirlie and I had some chinese food and played Katamari Damacy. If you've never played it, then you need to go try it. It's hilarious to watch and fun to play.

At this point my brother calls to tell me that his bachelor party is in progress. This is news to me as I was one of the people supposed to be planning it (I'm the best man after all.) Anyway, I headed out on my bike and hooked up with the group. They were already tipsy when I got there. I stayed dry for the night as I was riding. After a couple of belltown bars the six of us decided to go bowling. I had brought an extra helmet and jacket with me and so I took my brother to bowling on the back of my bike. He said that he had fun and only got a little nervous. I guess I should have tried harder ;)

Bowling was amusing. I've never been around my brother while drunk. He got more drunk as the night went on. We played two games, his bowling got very bad near the end. I then had the bright idea to get him to play some DDR. Now that was amusing. I think that he hit maybe 10% of the cues on the intro level. On the next level he fell off the pad.

That's where i left them and headed home. I think that they're all out drinking more.

He's going to have such a hangover. :D
Tags: bachelor party, bowling, chinese food, ddr, drinking, marriage proposal, motorcycles, worlds worst hangover

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