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a better day than yesterday!

Ok, yesterday can bite me. It sucked. Nothing really in particular. Work was ok, but after that things seemed to conspire against me. I don't really want to talk about it. Bleah. But today has been great!

The morning started out with FedEx calling at 6:51am (wtf, come on, some people need to sleep!) which was ok in the end because I ended up going back to sleep and waking up on time feeling pretty good.

Work was fairly productive. I had plans to have lunch down the street with a vendor so I set out for that around 11:30. At a stoplight I looked over and saw a black Prius (crankygirlie and I tend to notice these things) and thought 'gee... that license plate looks familiar.' It was in fact the lovely and oh so purple crankygirlie en route to an appt. So I hopped in and rode with her 3 blocks (2 blocks past my destination.) After saying hello I hopped out and walked back to the restaurant for lunch. The rest of the day went pretty quickly and was fairly productive.

My ride home was rather warm. I need to find a better way to carry my Powerbook as the courier bag I currently carry it in restricts airflow around the suit. I've been looking at a set of saddlebags for $167. I need to check the size, but I think that they would be a good compromise between nothing and a set of hard cases (about $1000 that I don't have)

I got home and our new air conditioner was sitting outside the front door. I pulled it in and up 2 flights of stairs into the bedroom and hooked it up. I need to put together some sort of insert for the window. The stuff that comes with the unit is a bit short and not all that great, but I've got some ideas that involve Home Depot (woot!)

Before leaving work I told lisa that I thought that I'd go for a bicycle ride. I don't think that she believed me. Well, I did got for that ride and it was awesome. (yay! endorphins!) I took off from home and discovered the Thornton Creek watershed (ducks and otters oh my!) and then cruised down Sand Point Way to Magnuson Park where I turned around onto the Burke Gilman trail and headed back north. I pulled off the trail at 125th and started up the hill..... then got off the bike and walked it up the monster of a hill that I had chosen (oops) At the top I coasted the few blocks to home. Not a very long ride, but a nice length for the first time back on my bike in months.

Now I'm sitting at home buzzing on the high from the ride. I think that I'll go upstairs and play with the A/C unit :D
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