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driving, driving, driving...

I took the day off today. w00t.

So..... I got up this morning, and drove Julie and I to the acupuncturist's for our appointment. After that we had lunch at the Saigon Deli. Then I drove Julie home, and then down to South Lake Union to help a customer with some windows silliness. After that, I headed over to Pike Place to pick up Matt and we went over to another client's place near Pioneer Square and talked for 2 hours. I then drove my Matt down to Real Networks where he works and headed back to Pioneer Square to install RAM and .Mac into/onto Ruth's iBook. After that, I gave Ruth a ride up to Capital Hill. I then turned around and headed back down to Real to pick up Matt to hang out. We headed back up to Capital Hill and chilled at the B&O for a while with Rob. After that I drove home and picked up the firewall that I had built for Julie's parents, and then headed up to Shoreline with it and installed it so that they could use their new DSL line. Now I'm home. Such a nice relaxing day, huh?

must sleep.....

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