Unrepentant Geek (matthew) wrote,
Unrepentant Geek

crash boom bang!

I was sitting in the living room getting started on the day when I heard some loud noises. Garbage truck? no... it's a caterpillar eating the old apartment across the alley. It's kind of disturbing how fast that thing is eating into the building. Hmm, maybe I should go move the car (it's parked on this side of the alley)

In other news we have a new entertainment center. I spent the weekend putting it together. We couldn't find anything that we liked so I started with an Ivar cabinet unit from Ikea and added wheels and a turn table. I did some wire management magic to the back of it and I think that it came together quite nicely. Then Julie bought me Metroid Prime 2, so I have something to do with it.

Ok, going to go move the car now... that just makes me too nervous.

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