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must post....

I'm still alive. I had a nice quiet weekend, lots of rest and recuperation. Watched movies, played video games on my DS and didn't really do a whole lot.

We've been getting the house a lot cleaner, moved a lot of boxes up into the office and into the garage. The living room is starting to come together. Oh, and we had to call pest control. We had some little visitors in the form of ants. Little tiny black ones. They're gone now, we laid bait around the outside of the house and where they were coming out in the kitchen, and hopefully this will be the last that we see of them.

Julie had the day off, and since it was so nice I was perfectly happy to ride my bike to work. It wasn't perfect weather, but very nice to be riding none the less.


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 26th, 2005 09:31 am (UTC)
*sing song voice*

there's a little place called SUPPORT when you want to ask SUPPORT questions

it's getting really fucking irritating to see all his comments be from people who can't understand how to read the frequently asked questions regarding getting SUPPORT.

a whole department! called support! shocking.

Anyway, the reason contacting the administrators haven't gotten you any results is they run the servers. they don't do anything with support. because...they're...systems...administrators.

their friends get really really irritated at all the requests for support in their personal journals and tend to get more and more vitriolic as time goes on.

it's really degrading, making an entry about your life, and having someone post a plea for help that has nothing to do with him.

so, quit it.

(Deleted comment)
Jan. 26th, 2005 08:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Here's a little something that you reminded me of...
Ah yes, but your math is off, I'm not anonymous - I'm the admin's wife, and I have a right to be irritated by people like you.

You have JUST enough knowledge to hunt down the sysadmins but NOT ENOUGH to find the fucking support page.

It's not that hard - it's under "Help" at the very top of the banner.


Get it. Got it? Good.

I didn't even, and won't even, waste my time even looking at your journal, let alone trying to comment in it. What's the point? I don't like people who can figure out the finer points of banning someone, but can't be fucking bothered to have a heart and not insult the employees of livejournal by pestering them in their personal journals, commenting on their personal lives with irrelevant pleas for help.

It's not. that. hard. to find the support page.

If you can hunt down and pester the sysadmins, you can hunt down the support page.

for crying out loud.

Oh, but good work on trying to turn it into something personal. Two points and all that jazz.
I'm sure you're very much a better person and everything.

Insert condescendingly endearing but sarcastic hope for a good life and love and stuff here.
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 27th, 2005 07:44 am (UTC)
Re: Here's a little something that you reminded me of...
Last reply and I'm done.

The FIRST SPOT UNDER HELP is "Ask a Question". Since you wanted to do ...what again? Let's hear it, class! Ask a question! Then... you should... have picked... THAT!


Do you even know what that means? To be a sysadmin?

I'm sorry, don't reply, I don't care to know whether you know or not. I hope you go google it and find out, and find out why it got increasingly difficult for me to keep my mouth shut while people like you polluted and spammed his personal journal with irrelevant, thoughtless and insulting pleas for help. If you could look up the contact list, you could have clicked on "Ask a Question", which leads directly to support. It's your fault. Matthew and I should not have to tell you where to go. The only stupid questions are the ones you ask when the answer is right in front of you.

No pity or help from me, you made it plainly obvious you actually got SO CLOSE... and yet, so far, choosing the stupid option instead of the smart one.

And I don't have "half a mature nature", I have an impatient and irritated one, when people like you spam people like Matthew.

And then, of course, if someone gets mad at you for it, you absolutely must turn it around, and I have "anger issues"!

heh heh heh.

You have no idea how funny it is to me to see you reaching so far to defend your dumb moves, and try to insult me in the process. I'm sure it felt good to act like I wouldn't understand what "contact info" meant. Mm-hm. It means here are the people who run the site and how to contact them. I wish you already knew it was insulting to plead for tech support from the employees who are busy doing their jobs or living their personal lives, but now you know.

At the TOP of that "Contact Info" page is a LINK TO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TECH SUPPORT. That's at the TOP. You had so many chances to make the right click. You blew them all.

Jan. 27th, 2005 08:16 am (UTC)
Young lady, if you need help then go to support. You did a wonderful job of missing the link to support more than once on your way to finding me. I've read your post about this little bit of fun that you've had and I have to say that you and your friends are not all that perceptive when it comes to LiveJournal.

I am a member of LiveJournal staff, not a volunteer. This is my job. I was one of the three people up all night last week making LiveJournal work again for you after the power failed.

None of the LiveJournal staff responds to support requests in their journals. That's why we have the support system in place. Use it. Don't bother us in our personal journals. I can't even help you with these problems as I run the servers and network.

I would like to keep my journal relatively public. I like being able to let other people get to know who I am but if people keep bothering me with support requests I'll have to move it friends only and I don't want to do that.
Jan. 27th, 2005 08:33 pm (UTC)
A simple answer like I can't help you, from you, or her for that matter would have been the end of it.

oh my GOD, Matthew! She's ONTO something! Why don't we spend our personal time replying to every single dumbass? Why didn't WE think of that???

Heh heh. Okay, I admit, I'm kind of sorry too, for soiling your journal. I thought it was pretty damn funny, though, and I have been holding it in so long, seeing the only comment on an entry of yours be a fucking support request just made me snap. Her responses were even more hilarious for her personal digs, and I just couldn't help myself, it was irresistible. I feel much better now.

And yeah, I probably would go apeshit eventually if people were randomly calling your cell phone all the time. So, for future reference, if you ever get a job where people can get ahold of your cell phone number and call you when they're not supposed to, be forewarned: I'd probably yell at someone after X number of misdirected calls. I don't know what X refers to yet, we'd be crossing that bridge when we get there.

Heh heh heh.
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