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Christmas and Stuff

Christmas was fun. Julie got me a Slim Devices Squeezebox which has to be about one of the coolest things that I have seen in a long time. It's essentially an embedded microcontroller with ethernet, wifi, audio out, I/R, and a neat display. It really has very few smarts in it itself, just enough to get on the network and talk to the server. The server can be pretty much any machine since the server code is written in perl. I have a server on my Mac and on my linux media machine. Oh yah, and the coolest part? The nice satin finish plastic of the case and remote :) I'm now re-encoding my entire music collection using iTunes since my older encodings were done with perl script magic and lame and the tags were never quite right.

My parents got me a watch with a 256MB USB drive in it. It's the one at Think Geek. It has a very short cable in the wrist strap. Julie got me 3 zip-linq cables too, including an extension so I don't have to take the watch off to transfer data.

I got Julie a super spiffy Burton Amp Pack, which has a hidey hole and controls for an iPod, but it's not working right so we have to send it back :( I'm going to also get after them about the fact that when you are actually wearing the pack, the buttons are upside down to you when you look down at them. whoops.

I spent some time yesterday cleaning out the SNES that my dad gave me. It had belonged to my nephews, and had a considerable amount of dried cola product inside of it. It took two hands to move the power switch to the 'on' position. Fortunately I own the special tools required to open these things (very strange screw head) so I took it apart and washed the plastic bits in the sink and the electronics with some alcohol and q-tips. Today I did the same for a controller which had a similar problem. Nintendo seems to have built the SNES out of two different kinds of plastic, both of them were the same color to start with, but while one has stayed grey, the other turns yellow after a few years exposure to air (I know this because the plastic under the cola goo was a nice grey color). What's odd is that they were fairly random with which parts of the SNES were which kind of plastic. This is good though, since it means that I can find somewhere a SNES with a grey bottom half, and not have to look at the ugly yellow plastic.

Anyway, I picked up F-Zero and Super Mario All Stars for the SNES and a video cable to hook the thing up to my video switch. Today I played a tiny bit of F-Zero, and worked my way halfway though the original Mario Bros. I forgot exactly how short those levels were. I mean, that game is actually quite easy now that I go back to play it. I never did play it through all the levels, I always used the warp pipes. I think that I should sit down and play all the levels :)

This evening I sat down and looked at my scanner driver again. I skimmed the SANE code for initializing the scanner, and it seems that it is mostly related to calibrating, so I can safely skip it for now. I think that the next task is to complete the ICA callbacks.

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