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I went to Home Depot tonight and picked up some supplies for plumbing in the water filter and a few other bits and pieces. I now have a stud finder. You should all be proud of me, I bought the $9 model on sale rather than the fancy $30 LCD model.

I also stopped in at Office Depot (what's with all the depots) and bought a label printer. They also had some good prices on UPS's so I picked one up for Julie's mom as a thank you for helping with all the packing.

I'm currently plumbing in the filter, and the kitchen is still (mostly) dry. I'm very happy about that.


Dec. 3rd, 2004 10:21 am (UTC)
ahh, that explains why all the printers were out of tape then. You must have gotten there before me ;)

I had actually expected them to be more expensive, but this one was only $30 with a tape, and an 8m tape is $9. Not all that bad actually. Certainly not a bad price to have pretty labels on all my network jacks.