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Watch the flash movie at the above link. I did. It brings up a number of issues in my mind. While it may be a good idea to decentralize the mechanisms by which we get our news and allow other voices to be heard I suddenly worry that if we are given the choice then we will pick the news put out by the persons who's views align most closely with our own. We always seek the comfortable view, we want to see others agreeing with us. That is not always good. We should be challenged in our beliefs.

If we stay in our safe little bubble then we will ignore the dangers and atrocities around us. I think that we should seek truth, knowledge, facts. It seems to me that the print media used to (and sometimes still does) print stories that expose the truth. However it seems like this happens less and less these days when they are simply trying for circulation numbers and advertising revenues. They play politics and keep stories quiet because of the personal views of the editors. Hell, they have people making up stories at the New York Times. We need people who chase the truth. Those are the individuals that keep the world accountable. Where are these people? Do they even exist?

What do you think?

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