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adventures in housebuying

got the escrow paperwork today... more stuff to sign. yay.

We went to Almvigs and bought a really cool fridge, washer and dryer. Spent a bit more than we would like, but go the nice energy and water saving kind with free delivery and installation. One less thing to worry about now.

After that we headed up to Julie's parent's house and had a quick bite to eat and then saw Shrek 2. It was not quite as good or as funny as the first one, but I still thought that it was pretty good.

On the way home as we were getting on I-5, Julie started to giggle for no apparent reason. I asked what was up and she simply said 'I crack myself up.' *shrug* whatever. So I'd just gotten up to freeway speed at this point. I look down and the speedometer reads ONE HUNDRED AND TWO....

wait for it....

kilometers per hour.

Julie had reached up and hit the mph/kph button just before her giggle fits. Bad passenger, no cookie!

Of course after the initial shock I thought that it was terribly funny myself. I'll have to pull that one on someone else when I'm not driving :)

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