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I took Julie to work this morning, and then headed over to Seattle Cycle Center to get some new gloves. My current gloves are not really all that comfortable, at least not with my bike where I am leaning into the bars a bit. I picked up a nice set of yellow and black leather and kevlar gloves. I tried on some helmets too. I told myself when I bought my current helmet that I would get a better one later if I ended up getting a bike. None of the helmets that I tried on were quite right. One fit nicely on my head but my chin was nearly touching the front. Another was too wide around the sides of my head while a third didn't feel right on top. Oh well, I need to save my money for an Aerostitch suit anyway.

On a whim I decided to head over to Ride West to look at BMW motorcycles. On the way there I stopped by a house that had a for rent sign up and the owner showed me around. They were working on the place and having a kind of informal open house. It was nice, but perhaps a bit run down. Anyway, back to the bikes! I know that I shouldn't really be looking, but it was nice anyway. I really like the BMW F650CS. Still feeling like I needed more motorcycle in one day I drove over to the Suzuki dealer. I've needed to get an owner's manual for my bike and figured it was a good excuse. Right? Anyway, I've also been annoyed at my clutch for being rather stiff and not really giving me much mechanical advantage over the cable so I asked about if they had any other clutch assemblies. The guy in the sales department told me that what I really needed to do was clean my clutch cable. It sounded about right so I walked out with some cable lube and a bungee net for holding down cargo.

I headed home, and struck out up the Ave for food. I had some Pho from Than Brothers (yum!) and then decided that it was about time to get my hair cut. I'm learning quickly that riding a motorcycle means that you must have either very short or very long hair. So I stopped in at Rudy's to get it cut. I put my name down and picked up the Stranger and killed some time that way. There were 3 people ahead of me so I figured that I had a bit of a wait and so I headed for the bathroom. Now, if you've never been to a Rudy's, you might not understand this next part. You see, they cut out pictures of people from magazines and paste them all over the walls of the store. It's a neat effect really. The bathroom is the same with one small difference. In the bathroom all of the people are naked, male and female. I might also mention that the bathroom is only barely big enough for the toilet, maybe 5 feet by 2 and a half. I had never been into the bathroom at Rudy's before so it was a bit of a shock. There is absolutely nothing erotic about being in a cramped room surrounded by pictures of naked people while trying to pee. So, back to the main plot. I come out of the bathroom, and there is no longer anyone waiting. In fact, they called my name but I was so busy being traumatized in the bathroom (plus the loud music) that I didn't hear it. In the minute or so that I was in there all 5 chairs emptied. Fortunately I only had to wait a couple of minutes for someone on the next shift to come on. I now have what I guess is called a caesar style cut. I now have to train my hair to go forward instead of backward on my head. This ties into the motorcycle and helmet thing because putting your helmet on pushes all of your hair forward.

I stopped in at Bartell's on the way home and picked up some sundries and was extremely tempted by the LED book light that energizer seems to be marketing. But I've already got a LightWedge so I don't need that, right? After that I took off for the auto parts store and picked up some carb cleaner. Back home I spent about a half an hour tinkering with my bike. The guy at the dealer was right, and my clutch now operates very smoothly indeed.

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