June 22nd, 2008


A gentleman's motorcycle...

I worked on the R50 all day today. I didn't even ride it and I had a great time. I recently got my first parts order and today I finished installing/replacing all those bits. The front brakes now work reasonably well and I have a mirror! Safety first! I also replaced the throttle cables, clutch cable, oil drain plug, and spark plug wires. The plug wires made a big difference, the bike starts a little more easily now.

Tomorrow I may go for a ride. :)

What prettyh wants, prettyh gets.

gordonmessmer and I did a good bit of riding today. We didn't go far but we managed to compress a lot of fun into it. First we continued our search for the perfect cupcake. Trophy Cupcakes proved to be far superior to Cupcake Royale. The special today was a S'mores cupcake (chocolate cake with graham cracker crumbles frosted with marshmallow) and it was fantastic. Also it should be noted that due to packaging and frosting differences the Trophy cakes handled the motorcycle ride home far better than Royale's.

After that I wanted to try Molly Moon's ice cream. I'd heard about it recently and had to try it. I highly recommend it as the flavors are great and the scoops are more than generous. I had a scoop of salted caramel. Salted? Yep, try it some time. It's an amazing flavor.

After dropping the cupcakes off at home we grabbed the camera and headed out to try finding a good place to take pictures of my bikes. Gordon traded his Harley for the R50 for a short ride and discovered the conundrum that is shifting and signaling at the same time. :)

We rode to Golden Gardens and took some shots and then over to Magnuson Park where we took a few more. Silly I know, but I wanted some nice shots of both bikes next to one another. I went for some artsy* shots, but you also get one with me and my shaggy hair in it. Click for gallery:

* No, I'm not quitting my day job.