March 2nd, 2008


Random stuff I've been up to

Today I went shopping and ended up looking at Shun knives. I didn't buy any because that's some serious cash, but now I know what I want so I can save up for it.

I got home in time to handle my on-call shift for work. Fortunately it was a quiet shift so I spent some time in the kitchen. I made french onion soup and an angel food cake. The soup was ok by itself, but once I added the cheese toast it became quite good. I think that my substitution of mead for the white wine resulted in the soup being a bit too sweet. Next time I'll use something drier. The cake came out quite well (I've been making it a lot lately) and we topped some with strawberries and macadamia nut liqueur. That was quite a treat.

In other food news I've been practicing making coconut cake. I've made it three times. The first was an unequivocal disaster (the cake was dry and the frosting thin resulting in the cake absorbing the frosting overnight effectively un-frosting the cake) so it went in the bin. I got it right the second and third times, but I think that it can be even better with some tweaking. I really like the 7 minute frosting, it's easy to make and quite tasty, not heavy like butter cream.

Work has been going very well. My project is approaching beta launch which is very exciting. I'll be down in the bay area in a few weeks, anyone want to hang out?

More cake

Inspired by prettyh I made a pound cake today (I used the recipe at the link above). It's pretty tasty, a bit like a muffin. I've run out of space for cakes so I ordered two more tupperware cake carriers on ebay. Having carriers means I don't have to eat all the cake myself :P

Also, waffles for dinner is a wonderful thing.