August 25th, 2005



Let's see... it's almost the weekend, so I'd better post about last weekend, eh?

Spent some time cleaning house and doing some shopping. Our neighbors Erik and Maureen came over and we consumed wine, mead and beer while playing board games. Erik did a good job of kicking our butts.

More shopping in the morning in preparation for my parents and grandma coming over for dinner. I made filet mignon with fingerling potatoes and sauteed vegetables followed by creme brulee for dessert. Creme brulee has got to be the best dessert ever. It's creme, sugar and egg yolks, and you get to to use a blow torch when making it!

After dinner my dad took my old bike for a spin. He seems to be pretty taken with it, we'll see. I'm kinda hoping that he'll buy it :)

After my parents left we both crashed. All the work of the morning caught up with us so we took a nice long nap. We woke up in the evening and had a snack, and went back to bed :D

random stuff

What's this? I'm post happy, what can I say. Ok, here's what I have to say:

1. I bought a feather bed for our bed. I love it.

2. I signed up with the gym across he street. Tomorrow I'm going to get up early and work out for a half hour. Really!

3. I love my job :)