August 13th, 2005


I bought a bimmer!

Today I went out and bought a new motorcycle. I'll be putting my current bike up for sale, and riding this instead:

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It's a 2004 BMW R1150R Rockster Edition 80. There were only 2000 of these built and 250 in the US. It's number 30 :) I love the paint job, it's matte white and gloss black. I love the combination. It came with all the gear that I want and still has over 2 years left on the warranty. There's a small amount of damage to the finish of the heads where it was leaned against a wall, but that's it, and easy enough to fix when I feel the need. The best part is that the cost of the bike is only a bit more than what I was paying before, just a longer term.

So, anybody want to buy a 2000 Suzuki Bandit 600S? ;)