February 9th, 2005


crash boom bang!

I was sitting in the living room getting started on the day when I heard some loud noises. Garbage truck? no... it's a caterpillar eating the old apartment across the alley. It's kind of disturbing how fast that thing is eating into the building. Hmm, maybe I should go move the car (it's parked on this side of the alley)

In other news we have a new entertainment center. I spent the weekend putting it together. We couldn't find anything that we liked so I started with an Ivar cabinet unit from Ikea and added wheels and a turn table. I did some wire management magic to the back of it and I think that it came together quite nicely. Then Julie bought me Metroid Prime 2, so I have something to do with it.

Ok, going to go move the car now... that just makes me too nervous.

building flattening update

There was a hideous green couch left propped against a tree across the alley and the guy running the cat made it climb up a concrete barrier to grab the couch which he then flung onto the pile. It was totally sweet! Then when the abandoned car in the apt's parking lot was in the way, he just slid it sideways 8 feet with the bucket! No need for TV with entertainment like this just out the window. :)

The part that I'm not looking forward to is the bit where they smash up the concrete slab that the building was on. That's going to be noisy :(