July 17th, 2004


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I got up early to make breakfast and drive Julie to work, then I came home and listened to an audiobook on my iPod for a while... woke up, turned off iPod, slept more. :) Took off at about 9:30 and drove the car over to Seattle Cycle Center (great place, lots of gear and very nice people) to pick up some rain pants that I'd ordered and ended up buying a another new riding suit more appropriate to the weather that we've been having lately. From there I drove down to pick Julie up from work for her lunch break. She napped while I made food and after that I took her back.

I hooked up with gordonmessmer then and we rode down to china town in search of some herbal medicines with no luck. From there we rode up 15th up to Northgate. After a bit of shopping we headed home. I took I-5 for the first time. It was loud, but quite fun actually. I think that my nervousness about riding on 5 is gone now, we'll see.

Then down to the village to browse B&N while waiting for Julie to finish up.

Now I'm home. What to do now?

hmm.... :)