February 26th, 2004



I got my microcontroller programmer yesterday. Hooked it up to my Mac, and the test lights did their thing. I was able to dump the ROM from the chip and take a look at it, and that's about the point at which I went 'uh oh, this is going to be hard' I still have a lot of reading to do though so I expect that it will become less difficult as I progress through the text.

Here's hoping!
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2004 Prius == Very Nice

Had to take the Prius (2001) in for service today, the upside of which is that I got to drive home a 2004 model as a loaner til the work is completed. We've only been waiting 4 MONTHS for the new one. Anyway, it's all good, fun to drive, and even more fun to play with all the knobs and such.