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February 13th, 2004

Feb. 13th, 2004

I put on my zoot suit tonight and went out swing dancing at The Russian Center up on Capital Hill. It was fun. I walked through the door and the young lady at the counter said 'Hey hot stuff!'

I've never been called 'Hot stuff' by a complete stranger before. w00t! :)

I was a bit nervous, since I've not danced in about 4 years now. I hung out on the edges til I saw someone that I knew from way back, and she helped me get back into things. After that, I felt much more relaxed. I still have the rythm, and a few moves, but I've forgotten so much. Oh well. By the end of the night I'd danced with 5-6 partners, all of whom were simply great follow's. I need to learn back the moves that I've lost, I just need to try them out a little bit and it'll all come back I'm sure.

Oh yah, and I was about the only person dressed up. Everyone else was in jeans or shorts (!?!?!) with a few people in slacks. I was totally overdressed, but it was worth it.
I took the bus home tonight and decided to go an extra stop and pick up some teriyaki for dinner. As I was approaching Tokyo Garden (the best teriyaki in the area) one of the denizens of The Ave asked me for money for dinner. This was right outside the restaurant, so I told him that I'd buy him dinner. He was pretty cool, just a little crazy. Of course, he was a 6"6' black man with dreads, so he looked a little out there already :)

Inside Tokyo Garden I ran into my friend Kim from college with her fiance and his parents. It was cool to see her again, she was one of my closer pals while at the U.

Then I went home, and I'm sitting here eating chicken teriyaki and california rolls. Yum!