January 14th, 2004


I'm so evil

When I got home tonight, there was a huge SUV parked sticking out into the entrance to our alley, where we park. Again. This happens a couple of times a month, and it makes getting into and out of our alley both difficult and dangerous. It's not a parking spot people. When people try to park there as we're leaving or coming home, I honk at the til they leave. Tonight however there was a police car also blocking the alley as well, so I had to drive around the block and come in the other way. I'm ok with the police being there, it's their job and they keep the freaky people away from our car. So as I got out of my car, the officer came back to his, and I politely asked him if he could give a ticket to the offending driver. And he did. I'm so evil :)
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