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January 13th, 2004

driving, driving, driving...

I took the day off today. w00t.

So..... I got up this morning, and drove Julie and I to the acupuncturist's for our appointment. After that we had lunch at the Saigon Deli. Then I drove Julie home, and then down to South Lake Union to help a customer with some windows silliness. After that, I headed over to Pike Place to pick up Matt and we went over to another client's place near Pioneer Square and talked for 2 hours. I then drove my Matt down to Real Networks where he works and headed back to Pioneer Square to install RAM and .Mac into/onto Ruth's iBook. After that, I gave Ruth a ride up to Capital Hill. I then turned around and headed back down to Real to pick up Matt to hang out. We headed back up to Capital Hill and chilled at the B&O for a while with Rob. After that I drove home and picked up the firewall that I had built for Julie's parents, and then headed up to Shoreline with it and installed it so that they could use their new DSL line. Now I'm home. Such a nice relaxing day, huh?

must sleep.....

general geekery

Went to Seattle Wireless hack night after work at Consolidated Works in South Lake Union. Wow, the place was huge. The small theatre hold about 60 people. We didn't get to see the big one because someone was practicing there. Basically we hung out and played with ToySight on my Mac and dinked around with some wireless gear and an embedded x86 linux box from Lithuania.

After that was dinner at some thai place on Capital Hill.

fun was had by all.