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so I went out and kinda put down some hold money on a 2000 Suzuki Bandit 600.

Here's what it looks like:

The one that I'm looking at is the same color, but I'm thinking about shelling out a few hundred dollars to get it painted yellow. Yes, yellow. I want to be seen, and besides white yellow is about the best color for that. I know that I'll end up looking like a bumble bee but I think that I can handle it. Right now it's just too dark for my tastes.

I stopped in at the Suzuki dealer to exchange my gloves (the ones that I purchased earlier were not made right and the right hand one actually hurt after a while) and have a look at bikes. I got hooked by a sales guy and shown a few bikes. Up til now the biggest bike that I'd ridden was 250 cc's and that was in a parking lot. I got atop a 600cc dual purpose bike (on/off road) and found it to be intimidatingly large. After that the Bandit seemed quite reasonable and so I took it for a test ride.


I was at once scared out of my mind and thrilled to bits. That about equalled out but left me feeling rather drained. I think that I want to do it again.

So my dad is coming up later this week (maybe even tomorrow) to have a look at it. He's a mechanic after all, and could not have a son buy an inferior machine. I also want him to ride the bike to see how it feels. I liked it but if felt a bit squirrelly on the bumpy roads of Seattle. The part that I did like is that it always felt solid and stable and smooth.

So, should I get it painted yellow?

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