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Hmm, too long between updates. I'll have to work on that. Anyway, I may have mentioned that I got into the Washington State Motorcycle Safety Course. If not, now I have.

I picked up a helmet on Thursday night. I got this one:

Wednesday night was the first class which was all classroom work. It was actually kinda fun. Today was the second half of the class work plus the first day of riding. We started off the class by running through the rest of the book and watching some videos. Then we took the written test (which I aced. yay me!) and then took a break for lunch before heading onto the riding range.

I am so fscking tired. The first exercise involved learning where everything on the bike was and getting used to the weight. Then we had to (while straddling the bike) push it forward a few feet and stop it, forward a few feet and stop, etc. That is so hard on the legs let me tell you. I'll be sore for a couple of days from that part. After that was power-walking which is the same operation only you use the engine to help you along. Then we actually rode. Of course it was in a straight line for 100 feet, but it *was* riding. At each end of the run we had to manually turn the bike around, whee.

From there we kept moving up and learning more and using more coordinated movements. By the end of the day I was weaving between cones and making fast stops. We got up as high as 3rd gear in once exercise. The weaving was wild. I expected it to be harder but the bike just does what you want so easily. We all did pretty well in the class, it was a lot of fun.

I forgot to wear any kind of sun block of course. I mean, this is the northwest, right? I'm now red in the middle of my face. I was wearing sunglasses too so I look real odd right now. :)

Oh yeah, the bikes were all very nice and almost brand new (mine had 3k miles on it) and very well maintained. I rode a Suzuki GZ250. It ran great other than sometimes not wanting to go into first gear out of neutral when I wanted it too. Here's what my 'hog' looked like:

And I get to do it again tomorrow. We'll have more class and then a road test. If I pass that I get a piece of paper that I can present to the DMV to get my license without needing to take the test. :)

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