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I spent the afternoon and evening trying to pound a rack back into shape. You see, we (Silicon Mechanics) borrowed a rack from a friend of mine so that we could use it at a trade show in california. We put it on a pallet and shipped it down just fine. Unfortunately on the way back it seems to have been dropped from a great height, causing it to be pretty badly bent out of shape. That was months ago. In the mean time the shipper's insurance paid for a very nice replacement rack for my friend, and the bent one sat in the corner. Tonight I set to work trying to straighten it out, since Dave gave me the ultimatum that if I didn't do something with it this weekend then it was going in the trash.

The plan was to cut it up and pound the bits back into shape, and then bolt the frame back together. After a couple of hours of drilling and dremel work I didn't seem to be getting very far so I wrapped a piece of strapping around opposite corners and winched it back into square. I pounded out the more egregious dents with a hammer generally tried to clean it up a bit. It's pretty solid now, but I'm going to get some bolts and drill a few more sets of holes to make sure that it stays the shape that it is now.


I also got a new DV Cam. A Canon Elura 50. It's small and shiny, just like a good gadget should be. It was something like 60% off so I'm going to sell my recently purchased Canon ZR 60 and consider this to be an upgrade. :D

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