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because I have nothing better to say....

Went to take Julie to work this morning only to find that our car had been completely blocked in. Fortunately the landlord's son lent us his car so I could get Julie to work on time. I got myself a jamba juice and headed home. It's been a while since I've driven a stick. I've still got it. :)

I finally sat down to try to get my parent's iPhoto to work again. I spent a couple of hours playing with this. I've got a VNC connection set up to their machine, but it's horribly slow. Their iPhoto library works on my machine, but didn't on theirs. It just hangs trying to open it. I gave up after scp'ing my copy of iPhoto over and deleting their prefs. bah!

Took off to meet up with gordonmessmer for lunch with his friend Rob. As Gordon and I were headed back to his place, my dad calls to thank me for fixing iPhoto. I was a little stunned but hey, whatever works! Gordon and I then stopped by his place to pick up his new DVD player to take back to exchange with one that has the right outputs. I picked up a battery charger that charges these special NiMH AA's in 15 minutes (it has a fan... freaky) and then dropped him off before heading home.

Picked Julie up after work and got some Taco Bell and came home.

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