Unrepentant Geek (matthew) wrote,
Unrepentant Geek

update (or: Crazy Robot Car v2)

I really need to write more... I'll try, but who knows, huh?

Anyway, big news is that we FINALLY got our new car. A black 2004 Prius with all of the options. I mean everything. GPS navigation, bluetooth phone hookup, speech recognition, in-dash 6 disc CD changer (tape too), driver and passenger airbags, side impact airbags, side curtain airbags, HID headlights (you know, the annoying blue ones, like on BMW's), smart entry and ignition (no keys, just the fob, and you don't take it out of your pocket)

So far my favorite features are the bluetooth for the phone because I can answer calls by pushing a button on the steering wheel, and the smart entry. The Nav is a lot of fun too. We use it to take us places that we know how to get to just to see if it takes us along a different path (and because we can, and because it's fun)

The car has everything. It has a feature to track oil changes. You enter the milage and after you rack up that many more miles it'll bug you to take it in. At which point it will give you a button to activate the nav to direct you to the dealer. (sneaky, huh?)

The car has a calendar and address book. no joke.

We got it on Sunday afternoon and dropped the 01 Prius off for repairs (something strange happening with the ECU) It had 7 miles on it (I know that was you taking it for a joyride Henry!) and was so shiny and pretty. We're getting fabric and paint protectant put on it, and lo-jack installed. That happens tuesday.

Ok, on to other things. Julie and I went over to Sarah and John's on Wednesday for some board games, and hung out with their crazy cats. They have a neat place. Work has been pretty good lately, I feel like I'm getting stuff done. I'm catching up on the RMA hardware that needs testing which is good.

Today I got up and played video games for a while. I'm running through Metriod: zero mission on my GBA a second time on hard mode, which is about 4x harder than normal mode. I made french dip for lunch and took Julie to work at 2. Then over to a client's house to do a bit of Mac fix-it and setup (I love these machines, so easy to work with) and took them for a ride in the car :)

After that I stopped by safeway for some groceries and now I'm home.

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