Unrepentant Geek (matthew) wrote,
Unrepentant Geek

Still Alive

been a while since I posted. Been busy doing stuff I guess. A report of recent activities.

Saturday was my birthday. I got up at the crack of dawn to take Julie to work, and then drove out to Sultan to play paintball for about 4 hours with a buddy from work and the Husky Paintball Club. All in all a lot of fun. After that I drove home to pick up Julie and clean up. We then headed for Tacoma to visit my parent's. My Grandma and Aunt are in the country (from Britain) and so I got to see them too. Had dinner and a cake, did the presents thing and spent time with my family. Headed home, stopping at Safeway for supplies for the cheesecake that I had promised to make for Easter dinner. Got that done around 2am. So sleepy.

Sunday was of course Easter. That was held at Julie's Granny's house. This was the first holiday without Grandpa, so it was pretty hard on Granny. We had dinner and dessert (cheesecake!), and I got more presents.

The loot:
ScotteVest Three.0 (count em, 42 pockets, w00t!)
Griffin SightLight
Milwaukee cordless screwdriver
iPod in-ear headphones
USB battery charger
LightWedge Reading Light
A talking plush guinea pig
Barnes and Noble gift card
GameStop gift card
A fuzzy shirt (no pockets? wtf?)

It pays to keep your wishlist up to date. :D

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