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I've been extremely busy of late. Mostly helping my friend Matt open up his new retail space (http://metrixcreate.tumblr.com/ for a bit of info.) I'm pretty happy with the shelves I built. I designed them in Sketchup, cut all the bits and screwed it all together with only minor tweaks.

Tonight I installed a new exhaust system on the R50. I was going to keep using the one I had but I got fed up with how poorly it fit (it's for an R60) so I sprung for a new complete stainless system. It's an exact replica of the OEM system only in stainless so it will last nearly forever. I'm pretty happy with it. I no longer have dual exhaust leaks and that's a good thing. I finally got the rear brake shoe today and will install it as soon as I can. I've also got a seat mounting bushing to install which should firm up the ride a bit. After all that I need to get started on the sidecar.

The Rockster is still out of commission as I've not yet had time to replace the fuel filter. Thank you BMW for putting it inside the fuel tank. That's a great place for it I don't think.

On the fluffy flying friend front we have a new bird staying with us for a while. She (He? It?) is a baby black cap conure, about 7 or 8 weeks old at this point. She is smaller than Niko and incredibly cute. I've been taking her to work a lot, my coworkers seem to like her.

The Groovik's cube appears to have gone well. All of the photos look great. I hope we set it up locally one day, though that would take a lot of effort and a good chunk of cash.
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